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6 Best Coffee Shops in Bristol TN-VA

Looking for the best coffee shops in Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia to start your day?

Whether you prefer your coffee black or perhaps you like something with a little more pizzaz such as a foamy cappuccino or a cold brew coffee — these coffee shops in Bristol will provide you with that perfect cup of Joe.

From coffee on the go to a Bristol café where you can sit and enjoy one (or more) cups of hot or iced coffee, we’ve broken down each coffee shop or cafe in Bristol TN just for you! So, the question is, to bean or not to bean? ☕️

Keep reading to see where you can find your next cup of coffee in Bristol, TN-VA.

Best Bristol TN-VA Coffee Shops

1. Trailblazer Coffee

Coffee from trailblazer coffee shop in bristol tn/va
Credit: Trailblazer Coffee
  • Type: Drive-Thru

Trailblazer Coffee offers some of the best coffee in Bristol, TN. Opening at 6 am throughout the week, this drive-thru coffee shop is perfect for when you’re on the go or in a hurry.

They do have two locations, one is located inside the Bristol Regional Medical Center — great for healthcare workers or family visiting loved ones in the hospital.

You’ll find everything you need and more on the menu including seasonal favorites such as the Volunteer Latte — orange, white mocha, and simple syrup topped with whip and orange drizzle — for those Vols fans!

Choose from the list of signature drinks, classic coffees, hot teas, and bubble teas, as well as snacks and baked items such as breakfast bagels to donut holes.

They also sell gift cards, making a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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2. BlackBird Bakery

  • Type: Drive-Thru & Café

Having two separate locations, BlackBird On The Fly has a great drive-thru to pick up a cup of hot coffee.

Their primary location, found on State Street, is great if you’re looking to meet up with friends over coffee or maybe looking for somewhere to sit and work on your computer with a cup of hot Joe.

After all, great ideas brew best from inside a coffee shop (coffee pun #2). 😁

Although their specialty is doughnuts, they do serve some great coffee, teas, smoothies, and hot ciders.

From drip coffees to espressos, macchiatos, hot chocolate, and more — Blackbird will not disappoint. And don’t forget to add a donut to your order, as nothing pairs quite as well as coffee and donuts!

3. Bristol Bagel & Bakery

Coffees such as an americano, ice coffee, latte from bristol bagel and bakery coffee shop bristol tn
Credit: Bristol Bagel & Bakery
  • Type: Café

Although the Bristol Bagel & Bakery isn’t technically a coffee shop, it’s still a great place to grab a cup of coffee in Bristol.

Opening every weekday at 7:30 am and weekends at 8:00 am, you can grab a coffee and a bagel before work or before starting your day exploring Bristol TN-VA.

Choose from a variety of coffees including Chai lattes, espresso shots, drip coffee, Thai tea, and bubble teas.

And if you’re hungry and looking for a quick breakfast in Bristol, they make their bagels fresh daily that you can top with a variety of homemade cream cheeses.

4. Whimsicals

Coffee Shop with menu and snacks at Whimsicals coffee shop bristol tn/va
Credit: Whimsicals
  • Type: Grab & Go

Another great coffee shop in Bristol is Whimsicals, located on the first floor of the Renaissance Center in downtown Bristol.

Designed for on-the-go, grab your coffee and enjoy it elsewhere.

You can find your favorite coffee drinks including some specialty staff picks such as the Banana Foster Latte or the Caramel Brulle Latte. 🤤

And, uniquely, they also offer to-go waffles with a variety of toppings like almond butter, honey, Nutella, and more.

Check Whimsical’s hours before visiting as they change depending on the time of year.

5. Fika Coffee & Tea

Tea in a tea cup at Fika Coffee and Tea Shop in Bristol TN/VA
Credit: Fika Coffee & Tea

Type: Pop-Up / Grab & Go

Fika Coffee & Tea is a pop-up coffee shop in Bristol located inside State Street Brewery in Bristol TN-VA.

The name, Fika, translates to “coffee break” in Swedish but is also a concept or state of mind, meaning to slow down and make time to spend time with family or friends while also enjoying coffee or cake. A great name for a coffee & tea shop!

This coffee pop-up shop also hosts tea parties, pairing specialty teas with pastries or sandwiches.

As this is a pop-up coffee shop, it’s not always available so keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates and event details.

As you can see, there aren’t many places in Bristol to grab a cup of coffee, but the ones that made the list are great options!

And we’ll be on the lookout for more coffee shops opening in Bristol TN-VA and will be sure to add them to the list with each update.

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Other Coffee Shops Near Bristol

6. South Fork Coffee

  • Type: Pop-Up / Grab & Go
  • Location: Bluff City

South Fork Coffee opened up its doors in 2022 as a nonprofit organization donating profits to the Impact Community Center.

This coffee shop is unique as coffee prices are suggestions only, and customers can donate more or less than the suggested price as they can afford.

The menu features coffee styles such as drip coffee, french press, pour-over, and espressos styles such as lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and mochas.

If you’d like to try South Fork Coffee, it’s located just 15 minutes from downtown Bristol or just 7 minutes from the Bristol Motor Speedway.

Do you know of any coffee shops in Bristol that need to be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Bristol Bagel & Bakery